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Questions and Answers on Paint Removal

QUESTION: Why paint strip?

My clients tell me there are two main reasons.

1. It adds value to their home.

2. “No more painting!” Once it is stripped you don’t have to touch it again.
This saves in the long run by not having to paint again and again.

You can only paint over old painted surfaces so many times. In time the old paint below the new will totally break down, ruining the new paint’s finish rapidly.
Paint always breaks down from the substrata (between the brick surface and the first ever layer of paint applied).

Bricks and mortar are a perfect exterior surface against all weather.

A brick is kiln fired and its surface repels water.
The mortar courses are struck so water runs off.
Old paint becomes porous and traps moisture on the surface creating damp problems.
Clean brick and mortar surfaces dry easy and breathe.
N.B. I’m often asked to paint strip bricks and render walls to get rid of damp.

QUESTION: What about lead paint?

The method used is safe and accredited for the removal of all types of paints, including lead paint.
N.B. Various types of paint are used on houses. Modern paints are mostly Acrylic, and removed by solvent (dichloromethane) strippers. Older paints are mostly oil or mineral based paints, and are removed by alkali (potassium hydroxide) strippers.

QUESTION: Why less pressure and more heat. 

It is straight forward.  “Less pressure - Less damage”.

1.  As stated on the Home Page using less pressure 700-800psi, decreases the chance of surface erosion and damage in particular to the mortar and tuck pointed joints.

2.  All paint strippers react better to heat. The steam softens the paint surface allowing the stripper and affected paint to be removed more gently with less damage.

Why Hi-Light. (Removal and cleaning of pollution from bricks and render surfaces).

Have a look and your brick work, has it gone dull?
Has it got dark patches on the angled bricks and sills?
Can you clearly see the mortar joints or the tuck pointing, or does it just look old and dirty?

Hi-lighting is the application of a specialized liquid formulation which removes decades of pollution from your brick work and mortar joints. After it is applied and removed with High pressure hot water, (almost steam) it brings out the fresh look of your bricks and mortar joints.  In particular, it rejuvenates the original colour of the brick work and mortar joints. The cleaning process also removes a lot of paint splash and droplets on the brick work that occurs over the years.

Tuck pointers such as Norm and Ryan Mc Adam of Heritage Brick & Stonework, suggest hi-lighting the brick facades prior to the commencement of their work, so they can start with a clean surface, making their finished product look fresh, as it should. 

What is the point of fresh tuck pointing over polluted dirty looking bricks?



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