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  1. Test which type of paint strippers react to the various layers of paint, (test panel).

  2. Seal off all windows, doors, and openings, using plastic sheeting, against chemical, and water penetration.

  3. Isolate all electrical devices at or near the surface to be worked on.

  4. Contain spray and run-off to EPA standard.

  5. Restrict the work area to essential personnel only.


  1. Apply the correct paints tipper via an airless system to the surface and allow time for reaction (surface area covered, is dependent on the type of paint, the thickness of the paint, and the weather conditions)

  2. Remove effected paint and chemical using extremely hot, (almost steam) low pressure water. (700-800 p.s.i. and less than 10 litres per minute volume)

  3. Repeat process 1 and 2 until all paint is removed.

  4. Apply a hi-lighting (cleaning) solution to remove the old pollution (carbon and silica) and remove as in process 2.

  5. When finished remove all waste according to EPA standard and reverse the preparation process.
a.  The process described is a basic method used.  The correct equipment is essential and specialised to handle the corrosive nature of the paint strippers 
b. There are many safety aspects and finer points to the work for a successful outcome. It is best left to a professional.


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